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29 April 2010 @ 05:26 pm
All clothes will be washed and de-doghaired before sending. 

What: The GazettE tour '07 shirt
Size: Womens L
From: Bought in germany for €30,-/€35,- .
PRICE: € 20,-

What: Good Charlotte shirt
Size: L
From: bought on their '06/'07 tour
PRICE: € 10,-

What: An Cafe - Nyappy go around the world 2008 tour
Size: L
From: German live in 2008 for € 35,-
PRICE: € 20,-

What: Miyavi KANJI shirt
Size: (japanese) L
From: 2007 tour
PRICE: € 20,-

What: Miyavi KABUKI shirt
Size: (japanese) L
From: 2008 EUROPE tour
PRICE: € 20,-

What: Really cool Emily the Strange earrings
From: Don't remember but they were expensive
PRICE: € 6,-

What: Random buttons
From: Everywhere
PRICE: Name your price

What: Nightmare before Christmas Jack earrings
From: Internet
PRICE: € 4,-

What: Belly button piercings, (only used in ears)
From: Claires
PRICE: € 3,- for one.

What: Stone/Mineral stretchy bracelet
From: Turkey
PRICE: Name your price

What: Really cute skull and flower earrings
From: a festival
PRICE: € 3,-

What: Little Mermaid charm ( I broke the chain D: )
From: H&M kids section
PRICE: € 1,50,-

What: Heavy ring, (male size ), Bought inspired by Ruki
From: Goth shop, it was € 15,-
PRICE: € 8,-

What: One Cupcake earring.
My friend had one lobe stretched so I got this one.
From: Claires
PRICE: € 3,-

What: Cute Guitar dangle earrings
From: No idea
PRICE: € 3,-

What: My melody Earrings
From: Internet
PRICE: € 3,-

What: Gloomy bear charm
From: Internet, got them for € 10,-
PRICE: € 3,-
for one

What: Pink cat earrings
From: Claires
PRICE: € 3,-

What: Pink unicorn necklace
From: H&M
PRICE: € 4,-

What: Plastic bracelets
From: ASDA
PRICE: € 2,-

What: Sun/tribal/thing necklace.
From: God knows where
PRICE: € 1,-

What: CUTE zipper necklace, I hate to let this go
From: H&M probably
PRICE: € 2,-

What: Lolita inspired necklace
From: Ehhhhhhh....
PRICE: € 3,-